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Auger Boring provides a safe, slurry-free method of installing pipes and cable ducts. This No-Dig technique can operate from a shaft as small as 2.40mØ and causes no disruption to the surface.

We own and operate the widest and most versatile range of Auger Boring systems including large diameter boring machines where needed, with jacking forces up to 260te, allowing us to install steel casings and ducts where conventional open-cut methods of engineering are impractical.

Typical applications:

  • Pipes and ducts from 100mmØ – 914mmØ over distances of 5m – 100m
  • Under railways, roads, rivers, airports, buildings, contaminated landfill sites and SSSI
  • Crossings can be for Water, Oil, Gas, Electricity, Sewerage, Chemicals, Communication Ducts and Outfalls

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For more than 30 years we have worked with some of the leading names in the Civil Engineering, Rail and Construction industries on projects across the UK. With our extensive experience in Trenchless Services and No-Dig Techniques we have built a strong and dependable name that all Construction businesses can rely on.

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